Welcome to our family.

In 1947 Italian born Arcito Castellucci married Sophia Zavanlagos, a girl from Sparta, Greece. Shortly after their youngest and only son, Federico II was born. As a young immigrant family with a strong entreprenuerial spirit, they opened a little restaurant in Pawtucket, Rhode Island called Archie’s Tavern. Sophia had grown up in the restaurant business and knew it well. Arcito had the cooking ability and the personal touch with the guests, and thus the original seed of Sugo was sewn.

Even as a young child, Federico II, worked alongside his father at Archie’s learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business. Not too long after Federico started his own family, he found himself moving down to Atlanta to open a new restaurant with his wife and children called Sugo. An inspiring blend of unique family style dishes and sincere hospitality with an absolute dedication to sourcing the best local and sustainable ingredients, Sugo is a tribute to those who came before us.

Now Sugo is in the hands of the next generation. Federico III, Stephanie, and John believe that never standing still and constantly striving to create and improve is the only way to insure the continued success of our restaurants.

So allow our family to make your evening special with our authentic cuisine and gracious hospitality. We would love to have the opportunity to host you at our table.




A graduate of the Hospitality School at Cornell University, Federico Castellucci has worked in the restaurant business his entire life. During his tenure at Cornell, Federico helped create and develop the original Sugo in Roswell. He grew the concept to four locations including three franchises. After graduating in 2007, Federico took over a failed franchise location that is currently Sugo in John’s Creek, Ga. Federico worked tirelessly to re-establish the brand, and within a year and a half the restaurant had become the most successful restaurant his family had ever owned in Georgia.

Building on that success, Federico created a new restaurant concept from scratch in downtown Decatur called The Iberian Pig. A modern Spanish restaurant with a strong focus on imported Spanish cured meats, fresh local produce, creative tapas dishes, wines of the region and classic cocktails, The Iberian Pig has been a hit from opening night in late 2009.

Following the success of The Iberian Pig, Federico embarked on two more projects in 2011 and 2014. Located on Roswell Road near I-285, Double Zero Napoletana opened in May 2011, bringing the regional cuisine of Campania in Southern Italy to Sandy Springs, Ga. The menu features handmade pasta, traditional Neapolitan pizza, handmade pastries and gelato, as well as contemporary takes on classic Southern Italian dishes. In November 2014, Federico opened Cooks & Soldiers, a Basque-inspired concept located in West Midtown, featuring traditional pintxos, raciones, asador and desserts influenced by the signature cooking methods of the region.

Federico currently serves as president of Castellucci Hospitality Group, the management company that he created in 2010, which includes Sugo, The Iberian Pig, Double Zero Napoletana and Cooks & Soldiers.



As co-owner of Castellucci Hospitality Group and general manager of Double Zero Napoletana, Stephanie Castellucci oversees all operations of the restaurants including the bar, the wine program and all private dining. She is also involved in the day-to-day operations of Sugo and Iberian Pig in Atlanta, Ga., and as a result, brings a wealth of knowledge to Double Zero.

Stephanie received her formal training at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. After graduation, she started her career at Castellucci Hospitality Group in Atlanta, where she began learning all aspects of operating a successful restaurant.

At Double Zero, Stephanie’s goal is to introduce and expose guests to the unique ingredients and wines of southern Italy. She wants the restaurant to provide a comfortable environment that transports diners to a different time and place.


John is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, where he received his formal training as a chef and Florida International University, where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. Growing up in Atlanta and working in the family business since the age of 8, John has had a propensity for the restaurant business since the very beginning. After leaving Atlanta for New York to pursue his education, John furthered his knowledge in the kitchens of RN74 in San Francisco, WD50 in New York City and Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain learning from some of the best in the business. He is back in Atlanta now where he is working with the CHG culinary team developing the menu for the newest CHG restaurant coming soon to Krog Street Market.


Or Mr. C, as most people call him, is a long time restaurateur. As he graduated from Boston University, his intention was to become a lawyer, however, when his father’s restaurant burnt down in a tragic fire he was faced with a life changing decision. In order to support his family, he started the restaurant again from scratch. He worked day and night and many times slept in the booths of the restaurant to get it off the ground.

After ten years, his hard work finally paid off. The restaurant became the largest steakhouse in Rhode Island, and he went on to open six other restaurants in the state. In 1996, he took his family and moved to Atlanta for better weather and a better business climate. Over the next six years, he opened and sold six Roasted Garlic restaurants. In 2003, the first Sugo opened in Roswell, GA. The concept design and culinary vision was collaboration with his oldest son Frederico III, and his wife Nancy.



Nancy got her start in the restaurant industry when she was 19 years old and applied as a bartender to Mr. Castellucci’s first restaurant. At the time, Mr. C, only 26 years old, saw something in Nancy and hired her for a part-time position. Seven years later, they were married and have been business partners ever since. Nancy has been thoroughly involved in all of their restaurant ventures since Mr. C’s first restaurant, Archie’s Tavern.

She currently serves as the COO of Castellucci Hospitality Group and oversees the daily operations of Sugo located in Johns Creek, Georgia. She is the consummate mother of the younger generation of Castelluccis that run CHG, and is there to help in all aspects.